Tooth Colored Fillings

Why opt for tooth colored fillings?

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings, as the name indicates, are a class of dental restorative materials that can match the shade of the natural teeth giving them high aesthetic value, and making them ideal for the restoration of damaged teeth. Previously, before materials like Composites and Glass Ionomer Cements were introduced, a silver filling material known as Amalgam was used widely for the restoration of all teeth. Despite the fact that Amalgam had excellent properties in terms of strength, there were two major disadvantages:

  • Mercury content in the Amalgam mix
  • Silver color of the fillings which was not ideal for front teeth especially in aesthetics-conscious patients

Tooth colored fillings have eliminated these concerns entirely. Firstly, these fillings do not contain any toxic materials such as Mercury, making them safe; and secondly, they are highly aesthetically pleasing. Tooth colored fillings were primarily introduced to address the concerns of patients with cavities or chipped margins in the teeth that are generally exposed when one smiles.

How are tooth colored fillings different from Silver fillings?

There are a number of ways in which tooth colored fillings differ from Silver fillings, some of which have been enlisted as follows:

  • Less chances of marginal leakages and therefore less chances of secondary caries
  • Structural stability
  • Require less chair-time
  • Easy to manipulate, and have controlled setting time
  • No toxic components in the mixture
  • High aesthetic value
  • Can easily be used for the restoration of front teeth without strength or aesthetic concerns
  • Can be used in some cosmetic dental procedures

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