What are dental sealants and how do they help in caries prevention?


Sealants or Fissure Sealants are resin-based dental restorative materials that are widely used as part of preventive dentistry especially for children across the globe. A fine layer of this material is applied on to the occlusal or biting surfaces of the molar teeth to prevent accumulation of food debris and bacterial attacks. Since children are generally incapable of maintaining proper oral hygiene especially in the absence of adult supervision, they are more prone to developing cavities. Sealants can help maintain the structural integrity and strength of the teeth, allowing them to effectively combat bacterial infections. Fissure sealants are generally applied on children’s teeth, but can also be used to protect permanent dentition in adults. They are temporary, and can be re-applied as well.

What happens during the sealant procedure? Is it invasive or painful?

The fissure sealant procedure is neither painful, nor invasive. It simply involves the application of a fine layer of a liquid restorative resin material on to the occlusal surfaces of the molars with the help of a thin instrument. The layer is then cured or set to form a hard, protective layer on the biting surface of the teeth. The procedure does not involve any drilling or tooth preparation. The material itself is non-toxic. The same process can be used for adults who, due to a physical or mental disability, are unable to maintain good oral hygiene and are therefore prone to developing cavities.

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