Full Dentures/Partial Dentures

What are dentures? What is the difference between complete and partial dentures?

4677152_sDentures, commonly known as ‘dental plates’ are prosthetic teeth fabricated using acrylic resin to restore a patient’s ability to speak, chew and smile properly. Dentures can either be complete, or partial, but in both cases, they are removable (unless supported by dental implants). A complete denture replaces crowns of all the missing teeth in the oral cavity, while a partial denture can replace either one missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth in the upper or lower arches.

How do dentures work? What does the procedure involve?

Dentures are custom fabricated according to the patient’s ridge anatomy, therefore more prominent the ridge, the lesser chances of denture displacement. However, if the ridge has resorbed significantly over time, a denture adhesive may be required to keep the plate in place.

For complete dentures, impressions are initially taken to record fine anatomical details of the ridge. The patient is asked to select a shade for the artificial teeth based in his/her personal preference. Based on all the information thus recorded, the prosthetic arch is fabricated by technicians in a dental laboratory. After conducting a trial, the dentist hands over the newly fabricated complete dentures to the patient with the necessary instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

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